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Testimonial 1

I have known Paul Hellings since mid 2001. His work has been invaluable on a number of occasions. One in particular is that of a very social horse who unfortunately in her last season of Polo, with an inexperienced rider and sustained injury to both her front suspensory ligaments, her jetlocks, especially her left, was almost parallel to the ground. She spent a lot of time sitting down and for her to get upon all fours, appeared extremely painful and distressing for us to watch. Her walk was more like a shuffle.

We had her on pain relief from the vet and knew long term this was not the answer. The Vets prognosis was poor –in fact, no future at all. On Paul’s first visit he spent time to communicate with her, and to earn her trust, before doing a series of techniques to help realign her spine and legs.

Paul also checked her digestive status- we found her to be sensitive to one of the feeds and adjusted this to suit her, which helped in maintaining her small frame.

She started to walk in a normal manner, though slow, after Paul’s first visit. She has continued to improve, and as we got passed the crucial time, we changed her christian louboutin milano pain relief to a natural substance, which she still has a few days a week.
We continued regular treatments with Paul and will do so in the future, as while the right jetlock came up reasonably well, her left remains low she benefits from Paul’s treatment.

Today she walks freely despite being low on the left front leg, she has a trot, canter and gallop at times with her mates and has even been known to kick up her back legs.

We are grateful to Paul for giving her back quality of life, and for ourselves, the privilege of having her with us.

Another area Paul has been very helpful in, is myself. I have suffered headaches often for several years. He did a technique to my head and neck, this corrected the dehydration I didn’t even think I had, as I would always be having adequate amounts of water.

Paul is a very approachable person, a good listener and is professional in the work he is obviously gifted at.

From R Hughes
Havelock North, New Zealand

Testimonial 2

Sophie is a longhaired German Shepherd who is 8 years old. Last April, Sophie was limping after one of her walks and runs on the beach. I gently moved her left leg and discovered that the immediate pain seemed to be in her paw. I tried many different remedies over the next two months but Sophie would still limp on occasions.
My daughter-in-law who lives in Christchurch gave me the name of Paul Helling, who uses remedial body therapies to treat animals.

I took Sophie to Nelson to see Pual on June 16th 2000; he spent an hour checking her. The first thing we noticed after the treatment was she was so much better in herself, full of life, bouncy, like a young pup. Sophie was also so much better with her walking, and her back was much straighter, she wasn’t swinging her hip to the left anymore.

Paul phoned within days of his consultation, checking to see how Sophie was and he always phones when he is in Wellington, so that Sophie can be checked.
Paul was a wonderful rapport with the animals, and is totally dedicated to what he does.
The therapies that Paul uses are non-invasive and gentle, and therefore are important to me and beneficial for our animals.

Mrs Janet Radley
Wellington, New Zealand

Testimonial 3

I was experiencing multiple problems with a few of my Rottweilers, skin dryness, hotspots, behavioral difficulties, bizarre reactions to environmental situations (when in the show ring), fertility difficulties. This is to name a few.

At first the treatments seemed a little daunting but with perseverance I gradually became more comfortable with the treatment methods. Initially I had reservations but it has worked as I no longer have any of the difficulties I was experiencing and have had two litters of 12 puppies from my supposed barren bitch. I had a male that had a major injury and with Paul had him back in the show ring competing and he obtained his champion title with ease.

Regardless of his injury he still has the best movement of many able dogs out there. I made huge lifelong changes in the diet now at my kennels. It is a whole new Philosophy, around the nourishment, balanced meals, how diet affects the whole animal, and just a more healthy way of feeding. The shine on my dogs coats come from the inside. Treatments to hip and elbow scoring and heart testing has seen amazing results. I would recommend Paul at AHH to anybody and everyone, animal or human.

Anne-Marie Ried

Moya Rottweilers
Kennels to Multi BISS winners
Hastings, New Zealand

Testimonial 4

Paul has treated my Boxers on several occasions. As a Senior Veterinary Nurse I am very aware of the limited options for treating, “puppy accidents”, “intermitted lameless” or “dogs just being dogs”.

Paul ahs successfully remedied minor structural indiscrepancies from time and this is most noticeable and important to a “show handler” when dogs regain their free comfortable movement in the ring, or cease resistance on the stack because of these minor aliments being remedied.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his treatment to fellow dog owners. He has a genuine passion for animals and maintains professionalism and kindness at all times. Although his therapy is non-invasive it is amazing to watch the animals response, trust and relaxation during the treatment.

Carol Kerr
Senior Veterinary Nurse
Eseldown Boxers
Napier, New Zealand

Testimonial 5

I first met Paul at a National Show in Wellington and being a sceptic of alternative medicines had to be talked into taking my dog to see him. The difference in my dog after one session with Paul was dramatic to say the least. I had a calmer, happier dog to take home. When I got my second German Shepherd she was diagnosed with I.B.D at a young age. Paul has been looking after her for the past five years and with his suggestions she is eating food that normally would make an IBD dog ill. Being an active dog who likes jumping and sliding around she puts her back out and pulls muscles regularly which Pual fixes with no pulling, pushing or twisting of the dog. On occasion Paul has also worked on my back with great success and to my relief.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone and have done so on many occasions.

Penney Harris
Auckland, New Zealand


Testimonial 6

6 February 2003

To whom it may concern:

Re: Paul Hellings

My 6 1/2yr old Saint Bernard had for most of his life displayed a severe and debilitating reaction always after eating anything which was red meat-based. He was diagnosed four years ago with imflammatory bowl disease which limited his diet to consist soley of cooked chicken and rice. His coat was dry and scurfy, he had a “musty” smell about him, was underweight, would regularly suffer from bouts of diarrhea and was generally in poor condition.

Several months ago we took our dog to Paul Hellings who used the Neurolink method which has corrected the digestive disturbance which was causing all the trouble.

Our dog now has a natural diet of meat (both red and white), vegetables and bones. He has more energy, has put on weight, his coat is glossy and he is in the best condition of his life and continuing to improve. He has had none of the digestive upsets which used to plague him regularly.

Our nine month old Saint Bernard bitch had been “honing” around the yard and somehow injured her leg to the point where she was noticeably lame and reluctant to put weight on her front left paw.

Using the Neurolink method Paul corrected her injury and four hours after this treatment she successfully competed in the showing with no evidence of lameless. She has had no recurrence of this condition.

We have a number of dogs in our care of which Paul has successfully treated four to date for allergies, spinal realignment and other conditions which have caused increasing frustration when “conventional” methods have failed.
We recommend Paul without reservation and have complete faith in his diagnostic abilities and the methods he employs.

Yours faithfully
Dionne Pugh
Masterton, New Zealand


Testimonial 7

Paul Hellings first treated one of my Papillon dogs, seven years ago in Christchurch. Jamie, was then a three year old dog. He was suffering a severe back injury, where his back was not supporting itself in the middle. Jamie had to be propped up with pillows, he trembled constantly and could not walk by himself. The vet was planning to take x-rays and operate. This concerned me, so I started making phone calls to people who treated animals naturally. I rang one person who recommended another and for a whole evening I was on the phone to people all over the country. After hours, I finally was put on to Paul. It was about 11pm! When I rang him, unaware of how late it had got… the outcome was all perfect, Paul was living 20minutes away and was able to come to see Jamie the following day.

Firstly, Paul sat and talked to Jamie and then he treated him with what has proven over the years to be an amazingly effective approach to animal welfare. Within 10 minutes, and after one treatment Jamie was and has never suffered from his back pain since. Over the years, Paul has treated all my animals, including my horses. He has Identified viral/bacterial infections, structural misalignment, dehydration, toxicity, food allergies and many other health imbalances. Paul also directed me in my animals diet, which has been hugely beneficial for their health. I now feed a raw diet with bones to my dogs.

I am truly at Pauls methods and rapport with animals.

Deborah Nash
Gentleworld Papillions
Auckland, New Zealand

Testimonial 8


I am thinking you are home by now! I do hope you had a wonderful time while you discovered America1 it’s a crazy place, huh???
Just to let you know….my younger dog, Lilly has really shifted!!! I find her more focused and more connected than ever to me! She is calmer for sure! A lot less A.D.D!!!!! The others are all wonderful and seem so content in their lives…. Not that they weren’t but you can see the difference!

My horses feel wonderful!!!! The founder case, Thunder went for his first ride the other day… I have never enjoyed his “gait” so much!! He was happy and enjoyed his first outing since he foundered two months ago! I can tell he is so much better! I have always “connected” well with my animals…. But the horses seem more connected than ever! Maybe it was what you did for me too! Whatever magic you left here…. It has worked!!

My daughter Bette Seems easier to get along with too… that could be because she has now graduated from college but I think she is settled somewhere inside herself…thank you for whatever you did.. we will see the benefits evolve for sure!

Bette, is serious about coming to NZ!!! Hope you can help her get directed so she can have a great experience over there…and I will have an excuse to come visit too!!!!

Stay in touch with us!! We definitely want you to come back!!!!


Charlotte North Carolina, USA


Testimonial 9

Hi Paul

Hope you trip to Texas after ABC went well. I have been meaning to Email you and let you know how much Tori is doing. Just been really busy since ABC.

Anyway Tori has made some marked improvement in a couple of areas. To date I have not found any heat in her back and she has shown no lameless. In addition to that she has done much better in her stacking, no longer trying to pull the one hind foot and doing her toenails has become a non issue. All of that I would say is wonderful progress. Actually she has seemed in many aspects like a different dog since we returned home. She used to be into everything, counter surfing and the like, but now is much calmer and only occasionally gets into things.

On her fear issue, that is a work in progress. She is better, but still has some issues with things especially noises behind her. I started reintroducing her to things like a small puppy as you had suggested (I must admit that I misplaced the two sheets you gave me after I returned home). I have taken her out several times and she is slowly but surly showing improvement.

This past week we attended a show in Ohio and she did well winning her class each day. She seems now to be comfortable in the ring, we just need work on being calm in new surroundings.

I’ve been doing some reading on the BARF diet that you talked about and I must say that it is looking better all the time especially with all the dog food recalls we are having here.

Brenda wanted me to tell you that the “black” boxer that you worked on for the Jr.Showmanship girl has also done well. He showed very well for there at the ABC, holding his stack much better than he had ever done before (they placed third) and since returning home he is no longer knocking bars down in agility. She thanks you again.

Donna wanted me to be sure to tell you hi also. We both really enjoyed our talks while at the show. Certainly hope that things went well for you in Texas and hope to see you again at ABC next year. After all next year will be our parade of champions and it would be a shame to miss that. All of us here already making plans to take all of our “old” ones for the parade and veterans classes. It should be a really nice time.

You know fate is a funny thing. Donna and I were talking the other day and we are both so glad that we met you at ABC. The things you said have been real food for thought. Donna has been telling the vets that she works for all about it and one of them has been really receptive to the things she has told him. And I personally want to thank you so much for the help that you gave Tori. She really does seem to be a happier dog these days.

Take care
Ellen Ellerman
Benchmark Boxers
Greencastle USA


Testimonial 10

Re: Paul Hellings

I first met Paul in early 2001. I had a sprained ankle which was not healing so asked if he could do anything. During the consult I mentioned I had a dog with low thyoid levels and was also low thyoid myself having been on Thyroxine for about 4 years. Paul treated my ankle and my thyroid. The following day I had an unusual reaction when I took the Thyroxine so I stopped taking it. Since then I have had my throid levels checked either six or twelve monthly and they continued to increase and are now stable at a normal level. The original diagnosis was that I would need medication for the rest of my life and the doctor cannot explain why I have improved.

As my treatment was successful I allowed Paul to treat my Hypothyroid dog and he showed signs of improvement in a very short time. At that time I also had Paul check my other three dogs. He found and treated sore hips and feet caused by rough play (they are bearded Collies). One dog had also been crippled by an autoimmune polyarthritis and veterinary treatment with steroids had only been short lived. She had been treated by an homeopath but was still very quiet and reluctant to move about. Paul examined her and said the cause was probably her booster vaccination (symptoms had presented about a month after her first booster at 15months old) and did a cleansing. The effect was quite dramatic and she rapidly returned to being a bouncy energetic beardie which has continued to this day.

Since that year I have had various treatments of my dogs- mainly related to injuries from rough play involving backs, hips, neck and feet. On one occasion a dog was not moving freely and we were at a dog show. A treatment followed by Arnica and rest overnight and the next day the dog was bouncing around and showed very well. My dogs all now have an annual visit with Paul and any treatment required done on the spot. I have a young Lhasa and as a puppy she fell off her trolley and hurt her back and was limping badly. A treatment by Paul and with minutes she was running freely. Since then she has had a hormone balancing as she was not coming into season properly. She is now normal in that regard. Apat from a dental extraction on one and an inguinal hernia repair on another only one dog has visited a vet in the last four years and that was an elderly dog who suddenly took ill. The vets diaadvised steroids but there was no real diagnosis. Paul did examine him and tried several treatments which were effective in the short term. Unfortunately the dog died and the post mortem showed a rare cancer of the lung which I have been told can only be diagnosed at post mortem.

For myself Paul has treated me for a variety of problems related to cardiac function and systemic candida infection. These have all been effective.

I have great faith in his methods and have observed him treat a variety of dogs for a variety of ailments. The best recommendation I can give is that my dogs just love him and happily greet him whenever they meet. They tell him by there behavior what is wrong and reward him with kisses when the treatment is over (they are beardies after all who hug and kiss those they love). I have not seen them to do this with anyone else.

Janette Gray 7/12/2006
Shannon, New Zealand


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