Welcome to the Animal Holistic Health site! In April, 2005, I and Animal Holistic Health moved to Cambridge, New Zealand. This move allows me to provide services to a broader area of the country. The services I offer include N.I.S. (Neurological Integration System, formerly known as NeuroLink), Reiki, Bach flower remedies, consultations regarding raw diets, and holistic care in general.

As before, I can travel throughout most of New Zealand providing there are enough clients (treatments) to make the trip viable. This means that for locations within ½ hour drive, 1-2 treatments or clients; 2 hours, 5-6 treatments or clients; 4 hours; 10 treatments or clients. Other areas of New Zealand would require 20 treatments or clients plus a portion of travel expenses. Overseas visits are available by negotiation. The number of treatments required can be fulfilled with cats, dogs, horses and people.

Please contact me by phone or email should you like to schedule an appointment at any of the following clinics:

Clinic Dates and Venues for '09'

13th - 17th September Indianapolis
18th September - 2nd October Philadelphia
10th - 11th October Tauranga
17th - 18th October Dannevirke/Waipukurau
24th - 26th October Auckland
28th - 29th November Taranaki
5th - 6th December Hawkes Bay

All dates and venues are subject to change, so please phone or email me to book a treatment time so I can notify you if you there is a change in a scheduled location.

At the start of an N.I.S. consultation, I give the animal that I am working with 2-3 strokes along its back. This achieves 2 things which are helpful to the treatment. Firstly it helps to gain the confidence of the animal and that I am not going to harm it. And secondly I can determine if the animal has a sore back. A sore back is indicated by the fluctuating change in temperature along the spine. Heat indicates inflammation and therefore a minor structural misalignment. It is because of my experiencing this heat change that i decided to have an independent video done of an N.I.S treatment supported with thermal imaging to demonstrate what I feel in the way of changes during a consultation.

You will find video for both a horse and a dog under the NIS treatment section.

Contact us for more information:   
C/- 5 Belloc Street, Cambridge
New Zealand, 3432
Cell phone: 027 2214461    
Email: paul@ahh.co.nz