N.I.S. – “Neurological Integration System”
[formerly known as NeuroLink]

The brain is the ultimate computer. It holds a blueprint of how the body should be and knows everything that has ever happened to the body. Good health can be promoted so long as the pathways by which the brain communicates with all other parts of the body remain clear.

N.I.S incorporates muscle testing to check the systems of the body at specific neurological pathways and anatomical points. A strong muscle test indicates all is okay with the analysis. A weak muscle response indicates a breakdown in the neurological circuitry and that a correction is needed. Cranial stimulation (tapping over a certain portion of the brain) while holding the point that elicited the specific weak muscle test initiates a reintegration of the brain and body working together to correct the imbalance. Essentially, this is a customized health check and treatment protocol each time, rather than a building up or unwinding or adjustment process that needs to occur.

The potential of N.I.S. to restore good health is immense! N.I.S. doesn’t treat the names of a set of symptoms (i.e. irritable bowel disease, dermatitis, psoriasis, sciatica, etc.) but addresses the root cause of ill health by identifying the neurological breakdown between the brain and the body’s system and restoring the “setpoint” for that function.

  • N.I.S. can address spinal problems and cranial/sacral imbalances without manipulations.
  • N.I.S. may help to eliminate lingering viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Muscle knots often melt away.
  • N.I.S may assist to systematically improve the functions of the liver, pancreas, kidneys and all other organs and glands.
  • N.I.S helps the body optimize its immune system function, with positive results.
  • Temperament and behaviour problems dissipate when the body is relieved of pain or stress.

All of this without the aid of invasive intervention or pharmaceuticals!

Please view this website www.neurolinkglobal.com for a greater appreciation and understanding of the N.I.S. process.

I would be delighted to assist you or your animal friend to a happier, healthier body! To schedule an N.I.S. treatment, please contact me as follows:

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