Seriously and sincerely, I offer the contact information for the following products and services that I trust and recommend to clients that I have used and continue to use for my dogs and cats.

Kat is an international animal communicator who provides written transcripts on any issue that you may want to know about from your pet.


Information on natural health providers, natural food suppliers and articles from the annual natural pet expo held in Philadelphia.


Yes, New Zealand does have very talented animal communicators and Faye Rogers is one of New Zealand's best.

Dr Chris Pipers website offering the natural elements sourced glucosamine product Jointflex and Mistletoe helixor, a natural treatment protocol for some types of cancers in cats and dogs.

Manufacturer of colloidal silver, a natural alternative to antibiotics, available in either liquid, creme and soaps and more.


Christine and her team offer the extraordinary in boarding kennels for your dog in the Auckland area of N.Z.

Organic cold pressed flaxseed oil products for your pets omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acid requirements.

Top homeopathic advice and remedies particularly for farm animals.

Homeopathics advice and remedies at your fingertips via email or phone without having to take your pet to a clinic.

More information on the gentle, non invasive health treatment protocol of N.I.S that I use to treat cats, dogs and horses for many different types of ailments.

Advice and shared views from advocates of Dr Tom Lonsdale. His book "Raw Meaty Bones" gives an insight into the politics of commercial pet foods and veterinary medicine.

Experiences and advice on raw food diets in relationship to dog health issues in reference to Dr Ian Billinghurst's "Give your dog a bone and Grow your pups on bones".

Information from Dr Jean Dodds on her 30 years of study in regards to vaccination of cats and dogs. A different point of view.

Information that your vet wont give you about the NSAID rimadyl.

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