Symptoms to look for

I hear you say, “How do I tell if my dog is unwell, I wish he / she could tell me”.

“Well, when I am with you and I ….(Pick any of the following)
• Always look anxiously back to see whether you are going to touch me on my tender spot
• Getting slower on the agility course
• Am unable to stretch out fully after arising from sleep
• Only shake part of the way down my spine
• Miss obedience commands
• Won’t allow a rear leg to be placed where you want while being shown
• Have become withdrawn and not wanting to participate in normal daily activities
• Refuse to go through the tunnels
• Lie on the same side every time
• Pace or break the trotting gait
• Am unable to hold a dumbell
• Gnaw and lick an area continually and you know that I don’t have fleas or a rash
• Wag and carry my tail to one side
• Keep showing you my stomach
• Trot like a crab
• Struggle to get over ‘A’ frame
• Picky eater or a snacker
• Have muscle wastage
• Tremble in the rear legs when it’s not cold and I’m not frightened
• Am unable to cock my leg
• Wont sit or down stay
• Have become extra hyperactive
• Consistently knocks rails off jumps
• Have become unsettled and anxious in familiar environments
• Slow thru weave poles
• Track correctly and stand fore square when free standing, but cow hocked on the stack
• Lean away or into you while being posed
• Am nervous and anxious in unfamiliar surroundings
• Lazy/puppy sit
• Am roached and my stomach muscles are tight on one side
• Don’t leap jumps but check my stride and pop over the jump
• Am normally passive and friendly towards all, but at the present I am snappy and short tempered
• Pungent smell even though I am bathed regularily
• Wont jump the long jump
• Hot spots on my spine
• Dislike having toes touched or clipped or chew at feet alot

Is how I tell you that I am in discomfort. Please help me”.

Animal Holistic Health has assisted many dogs to regain their optimum well being after experiencing one or more of the above indicators.

Compiled by: Animal Holistic Health

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