Animal Holistic Health was started out of necessity and soon became a passion. I had a lame red male Boxer named Mr. Swipe who was not recovering through the application of conventional treatments. At the same time I personally had a back issue that also was not resolving with conventional care. I investigated other health treatment options with limited success, until a friend in the horse fraternity introduced me to a practitioner of N.I.S. for horses. Mr. Swipe was treated with outstanding results, and I proceeded from there to have myself and my other dogs treated as needed with N.I.S. (Neurological Integration System, formerly known as NeuroLink). I was so amazed by this method of healing (which literally taps into the brain’s intelligence) that I pursued the training so I could help others, both animal and human, improve and heal.

After completing my first N.I.S. course and realizing the scope that this treatment process had to offer, I then offered it to others. For over 10 years I’ve used N.I.S. to successfully treat cats, dogs, horses and people for a variety of ailments and issues. My training encompasses 7 intensive N.I.S. courses, the last completed in October 2004 for Master’s practice in N.I.S.

I feel strongly that alternative, proven options need to be available for our companion animals as they are for us. I started with N.I.S. and the rest, as they say, is history! I have gone on from there to learn other healing modalities and greatly enjoy offering my services to assist animals and humans. It’s not work, it’s my passion! I am also trained in Reiki (to practitioner level II) and have completed stage 1 Bach flower essence training as well as a Bach Flower Essences for Animals course. I am a member of Reiki New Zealand, the New Zealand Holistic Animal Therapists Association, and the New Zealand Holistic Veterinary Society.

I love animals, and have been involved in the care and welfare of cats and dogs for over 20 years. My experiences include successfully participating in the sports of showing, obedience and agility with pedigreed Boxer dogs. As well, I have run socialization and training classes for Boxers, teaching their new caregivers how to get the best from their young (and not so young) companions.

I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to be of service to you and/or your animal companion in whatever way my services would be most helpful to you or them. We all deserve to have a happier, healthier, more balanced life, and I get a great sense of satisfaction when I see the the relief of both animal and caregiver during a successful treatment.

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